Name of the Company : WINGS Corporation (
Location of the Company : Jakarta
Job Location : Jakarta
Country : Indonesia

About us :
WINGS Corporation was founded in 1948 in Surabaya, Indonesia. Over the last fifty years this company has grown from a small home industry into a market leader employing thousand of people with factories strategically located in Jakarta and Surabaya.
P.T. Sayap Mas Utama, in Jakarta. These facilities produce toilet soaps, powder and bar detergents, floorcleaners, fabric softeners, and sanitary napkins for all of Indonesia and beyond. A third facility, P.T. Lionindo Jaya, was established in Jakarta together with Lion Corporation of Japan to produce brands such as Emeron, Page One, Ciptadent, and Mama

Career :
As one of the largest producers of consumer goods in Indonesia, and one that is still growing fast, WINGS is committed to the development of its human resources as the backbone of its success.
"WINGS invites the best people to join."
Individuals who are honest, dynamic, innovative and ambitious are the future of WINGS.

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Kawasan Perluasan Utara PT JIEP
Jalan Tipar Cakung Kav F 5-7 Jakarta 13910