Name of the Company : Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt (
Job Location : Cairo
Country : Egypt

Jobs, Job opportunities and training activity :
Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt is an Egyptian Joint Stock Company that has an organization chart and a structure of job descriptions that includes a definition of each job specifying duties, responsibilities and qualifications of the employee. Moreover, there are clear policies communicated to all the employee, and all amendments to these policies are notified to them.

Training Activity :
The training activity is given special attention due to its effect on developing the human resources of the bank which in turn leads to upgrading the level of efficiency and increasing productivity.

The axes of this activity are as follows :
Preparing and qualifying the next generation of managers.
Direct linking of training with the different jobs in the bank in order to bridge the gap between the skills, and expertise of those occupying these jobs.
Education in the principles of Islamic Shair'a as applied to banking activities.
Upgrading the level of client service.
Acquainting the bank?s employees with the recent technological developments in banking.
Great emphasis is given to the English language and linking it to the work in the different units of the bank.
The bank offers during the summer vacation training opportunities to a number of students from the faculties of Economics, commerce and information technology in return of a simple bonus. Such training helps trainees become acquainted with the application of what they have been studying theoretically in their colleges, which in turn makes them more familiar and qualified to join the banking environment.

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Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt
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