Company Name : Orifarm (
Location : Odense
Designation : Inventory Analyst, Testing Professional

Inventory Analyst :
You will be responsible for the optimization of the warehouse at Orifarm both under long-term strategy but also on a daily ad-hoc basis.
You will get a range of key KPIs that you regular basis to report on and draw up budgets and goals for the coming periods.
You will also be responsible for product classification, security, storage and management reporting.
You must also participate in close cooperation with project planning and forecasting for optimizing the value chain.

Abilities :
You must possess strong analytical skills and help to visualize complex problems, synlig?re development and make suggestions for improvements and development.
You must have good skills n process understanding and thought it is exciting to understand each process thoroughly so that you can be a valuable partner in all aspects of inventory management.
You should commit yourself in English at a high level of German is an advantage to be able to understand (speaking / writing). A natural interest in IT is a matter of course.
Your MS Excel skills will also be at a high level and have experience with Microsoft Dynamics 2009, this is an advantage.
As a person you should be able to communicate your questions and your obersvationer to all stakeholders and it is important that you also have the ability to make complicated things easy to understand for others. Since you will have a broad interface, you must be a good communicator, both written and orally, and be easy to talk with people. It is an advantage if you possess a relevant educational background or experience from a similar position.

Our values :
Explorer Spirit permeates still Orifarm, although we have become a big international company, since Hans and Birgitte Bogh-Sorensen founded company in 1994. Our mission is to generate tangible savings to society of medical products and giving consumers more health for money. While we work seriously and purposefully on it, we insist on being good colleagues, develop together, helping each other and learn something new. The setting can also benefit you.

To Apply :
Applications marked "Inventory Analyst" attached CV sent by 5 January 2012 to our headquarters in Odense - see address below or
to Contact any manager Tommy W. Mikkelsen for more info about the position call +49217170 77415

Test Participants :
Participants for testing of medical information.
The purpose is to test whether the written information (leaflet) in pharmaceutical packaging is easy to read and use.
The test will be designed as an interview, which takes approx. ? hours and takes place in the southern part of Odense.
You will be compensated for your participation in the test with two gift tickets to the cinema.
People with health professional backgrounds or working in the pharmaceutical industry will not be able to participate in the test.
You must be over 18 years to participate in the test.

To Apply :
Contact Lisa Heather Borg on telephone 63 95 28 32 or via email

Contact :
Energivej 15
POB 69
DK-5260 Odense

General Instructions :
1) This is a job in Orifarm at Odense for the post of Inventory Analyst, Testing Professional.
2) For more details refer to the company website.
3) You can send resume / CV to the company's email address.
4) Source of the information is the company website / internet on the date of publishing.