Name of the Company : Capital Bank (
Location : Shmeisani
Country : Jordan

Capital Bank is committed to rewarding, developing and retaining talent and we will therefore share the responsibility for career development all its employees. This commitment includes a group of incentives and resources that enable each employee to determine future ambitions and achieved growth and development opportunities. Capital Bank has adopted a number of mechanisms that will help its employees develop and reach their full potential

On-the-Job development :
On-the-job development is part of the way we work. Opportunities for "stretch" assignments and access to our cross business job posting database are a few of the resources that will become available to you.

Leadership Development Courses :
We are committed to making Capital Bank a learning organization and preparing the leaders of tomorrow is a main focus area for us. Employees will have the opportunity to attend outside training sessions and leadership programs.

Ongoing Training and Development :
Capital Bank attaches great significance to the development and training of its team. Our dedicated training department works hard to provide the best possible training to help employees upgrade both their technical and professional capacities be it through customized in-house sessions or extensive training overseas.

Career Opportunities :

Capital Bank is looking for the best possible talent to drive our business and growth. We currently enjoy highly competitive compensation and benefits package as well as exceptional opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

We currently also offer opportunities for experienced professionals, fresh graduates and summer internship programs.

If you are looking for a job that makes the most of your talents - one that truly inspires you and provides you the opportunity to take your career to new heights - we want to hear from you. To apply please send your C.V. to :

Contact address :
Capital Bank