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    PAK ARAB REFINERY LTD (PARCO) is a Joint Venture between Government of Pakistan and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, incorporated as a public limited company in 1974. 60% of the share holding is by the Government of Pakistan and 40% by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through its Abu Dhabi Petroleum Investment Company L.L.C. (ADPI), a subsidiary group of International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC).

    PARCO's major business activities are :

    PARCO Internship Program :
    We offer Internships for students to support educational institutions and provide hands on experience to budding professionals in the engineering and management areas.

    PARCO Training Program :
    The Company also provides a two years training program to develop new talent in technical and management areas and provide career opportunities to young graduates.

    Applications :
    For applying to PARCO, please fill up our employment form and send your cv at jobs@parco.com.pk

    Contact us :
    Pak-Arab Refinery Limited
    Corporate Headquarters
    Korangi Creek Road
    P.O. Box 12243
    For more detail:

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    information about internship

    I have applied for internship in your organization but have not got any response till now. When will you send your response?

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    Post getting job

    I have diploma in petroleum and I want to get job in your company. Please tell me about your vacancies and apprenticeship programs. My contact is:0346_3038088 and my email address is: mohammadafzalawan@yahoo.com. Please reply me as soon as possible.

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    I have done M.Sc in applied chemistry from university of karachi. I WANT JOB IN YOUR COMPANY.

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    Email Address zeeshanbutt44 AT yahoo.com
    To add value to the organization while working in a professionally stimulating and learning environment.
    Seeking a challenging position, to apply my knowledge, in world famous firm that utilizes my skills and provides me facilities to grow as a professional and enhance my knowledge and communication skills.
    Academic Profile
    (2008-2012) Chemical Engineering.
    University of Engineering and Technology City Campus Lahore. CGPA of 3.3/4 till 7th semester
    H.S.S.C GOVT Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore. A Grade 832/1100
    S.S.C GOVT High School Shahdara Lahore. A+ Grade 866/1050
    Personal Qualities
    - Good leadership qualities
    - Hard working and dutiful
    - Good in time management
    - Good interacting and communication skills
    - Very punctual
    Done 4 week internship from PAK-AMERICAN fertilizer (Agritech Ltd.) in July 2011.
    - Presented in front of whole faculty and department ?Production of MEG? as a final year project.
    - Presented Reactor design.
    - Presented heat exchanger design.
    - Done boiler course.
    Computer Skills
    Ms office, Ms Visio, Matlab, software & hardware, Aspen Hysys.
    Extra-Curricular Activities
    - Teaching
    - Watching movies
    - Playing cricket, badminton, table tennis, basket ball.

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    application for the post of plant operator


    EXPERIENCE 06 Years in Oil and Gas Industry (OGDCL).

    Education Year Of Passing Institute / Board Division/Grade
    SSc (Science ) 2001 GHSS Tamman 2nd/ B
    D.A.E (Chemical) 2003-2006 P B T E.Lahore 1st/ A
    To work in a dynamic and progressive organization and make this work worthwhile for the organization as well as the profession.

    I have good knowledge of MS Office (98, 2000, XP), Internet and Typing with 50 Words/minute.
    06 Years as shift plant operator in Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) at dakhni gas /condensate processing plant / Qadirpur Gas Processing Plant Ghotki and Dhodak Gas/Condensate Plant.
    Nature Of Job
    - Monitoring and coordinating the designated operation from Control Panel, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Including maintaining continuous contact with various areas of the entire Plant to keep them informed of overall operating conditions. .
    - Monitoring via terminals and alarms, the operations of the designated area and coordinates process activities according to Instructions received and production requirements. Including continuous monitoring of instruments and equipment, making field adjustments according to process parameters as required.
    - Altering operating conditions or product flows to allow prior isolation of equipment for maintenance and re-commencing operations according to procedures, following completion of maintenance.
    - Communicating with the Panel Operator of other areas to coordinate operations that may affect the operation and/or production of any unit within the Plant. .
    - Responsible for the support of Company Safety, environment and Quality policies and programs.
    - Carrying out similar or related duties such as assisting in maintaining shift log; initiating emergency procedures as required and complying with safety rules and regulations. Ensuring the security of company assets by operating in a safe and efficient manner.
    - Compliance with the Safety Management System and the Emergency response plan of the company.
    - Monitoring, control and reaction to the process control, emergency shutdown and Fire and Gas System
    - Control and monitoring of hydrocarbon process plant and utility system
    - Initiating unit, train and emergency shutdown of process and utility system during abnormal operation, or a result of an emergency situation on the installation
    - Initiating appropriate action in the event of process and utility system alarms and trips.
    - Monitoring and recording of key parameters for hydrocarbon process plant and utility systems.
    Dakhni Gas/Condensate Processing Plant

    It consists of following units
    1. Amine Absorption,Glycol,Dehydration,
    2. LPG Recovery,Sulfur Recovery Unit
    3. Condensate stabilization And storage
    4. Hot Oil Circuit

    Dhodak Gas/Condensate Plant and mini refinery
    It consists of following units
    1. Gas Dehydration, LPG Recovery & condensate Fractionation.
    2. Turbo-Expander Recompressor.
    Qadirpur Gas Processing Plant Ghotki
    1. Capacity enhancement activities of Qadirpur gas processing plant started Jan-2003. The new plant taken from UOP utilized modern pretreatment technology. Now the plant production is 500 MMSCFD. From this cooling system we are decreasing dew point of feed gas for dehydration purpose.
    2. Two TEG Dehydration Units having a capacity of 100 MMSCFD.
    3. H2S Scavenger injection to decrease H2S from 40 PPM to less then 14 PPM.
    4. Produced water treatment and re-injection.
    5. Methanol injection system to avoid Hydrate formation
    6. All necessary utilities i.e. Instrument air compressor, Power Generators with capacity 824 KW of each, cooling towers etc.
    7. Two gas turbines of 10MW each used for driving 4 stages permeate compressors (Nouvo Pignone) equipped with modern PLC control system (Suvimac II) Micro Apacs provided by Moore Product company.
    The plant has salient features :
    1 Inlet separators
    2 Gas to gas heat exchangers
    3 Chiller
    4 Filter Coalescer
    5 Memguard contained by Solid Desiccant (Alumina Silicate Adsorbent)
    6 Particle Filter
    7 Regeneration gas cooler
    8 Regeneration gas scrubber
    9 Micron Filter
    10 Fin fan coolers with variable frequency driven motors
    11 Furnace
    12 Blowers
    13 Sundyne centrifugal compressor

    It consists of following units :
    1 Three Waukesha gas engines having capacity 735 KW each for driven screw compressors used for the compression of propane refrigerant.
    2 Howden Compressors
    3 Lube oil system
    4 Condenser
    5 Evaporators
    6 Fin fan coolers with variable frequency device motors.

    It has following units.
    1 04 Generators Each of 1030KVA
    2 Instrument air compressors (Reciprocating & Rotary type)
    3 Dryers (Silica gel Adsorbent used)
    4 Cooling towers
    5 Fire water system.
    6 Corrosion Inhibitor Solution System
    7 Gas engines / Diesel engines
    8 Pumps
    9 Nitrogen package of 40 scfm
    10 Condensate storage tanks
    11 Fuel gas system etc.
    Triethylene Glycol (TEG) is being used to decrease the Dew Point of Natural Gas
    & Scavenger to reduce H2S from 40 PPM to 14 PPM.
    It consists on the following Equipments.
    1 Inlet separators
    2 Contact towers/ Absorbers
    3 Glycol separator
    4 Reboilers/ Concentrator/ Regenerators
    5 Exchangers
    6 Skimmers/ Flash Tanks
    7 Carbon filters
    8 Surge tanks
    9 Kimaray pumps

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    Anam javaid
    Emial ID : engr.anum4 AT gmail.com

    Career Objective :
    A young passionate, dynamic, easy going, open minded, and self-motivated. Believe in long life learning and success without boundaries.

    Educational History :
    Educational History Duration Degree Institute Cgpa/ Grade
    2010-2014 BSc (Chemical Engineering) University Of Engineering And Technology Lahore 3.79
    2008-2010 Intermediate Faran model college jhang A +
    2006-2008 Matriculation Faran model school jhang A +

    Personal qualities :
    ** Hard working and dutiful.
    ** Good in time management.
    ** Good interacting and communication skills.
    ** very punctual.

    Skills :
    ** Leadership Skills.
    ** Full command on Ms office, Ms word and Ms power point.
    ** C++ Computer Programming Language.
    ** Presentation making and delivering skills.

    Hobbies/Interests :
    ** Singing.
    ** Tourism.
    ** Research Papers study.
    ** Help for deserving peoples.
    ** Watching Table Talks on news Channels.

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    i m doing mechanical engineering, nd i m in 2nd yr so i want to do internship in ur organization.

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